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Friday, March 28, 2008 • 1:31 AM

I've been on Habbo Japan a lot lately. It seems like the Habbos there are really friendly. Today, I happened to chance upon this room created by SEVILL and everyone there was speaking in English. Which was a good for me.

Really had fun, everyone's really great. Especially my new Japanese-who-speaks-English friend.

I don't know how you type her username in Japanese but her name is Riru. Nice name haha, oh and she told me her email address and her personal details so we could keep in contact haha. I guess that's kind of illegal but since I don't live in Japan I guess it's okay for her. Nice person haha.

And just in case anyone of you wants to see my guest room in Habbo Japan:

All of my Habbo Furnitures were given to me by kairi.

Yatatami mats, Irori and Poinsetta! Oo, and a Tatami mat below the Irori (it's hidden) :D I love Japanese Furnitures! Too bad they're really expensive on Habbo SG (not they're any cheaper here on Habbo JP but I think you get my point!) I just love every one of those Furnitures! Like the Vase Of Flowers :D

She's a really nice person. And in case any of you is wondering why the walls aren't painted. kairi. wanted to get me some pink or black wallpaper but I guess we kind of chat too much until she had to leave for somewhere and get off the computer. But it's okay, Habbo Furnitures alone are good enough.

Oh and you can also see my Habbo Japan Group there! HABBORINGO.JP!

It's a private group created by kairi. for Mac users but I guess she allowed me to join because I'm her friend. I love Mac though, so I guess it can be for Mac lovers! Hahaha, here's the group URL if you're interested anyway:

And here's my Habbo Japan Homepage:

God Bless Everyone! :D