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Friday, March 28, 2008 • 5:14 PM

I woke up early this morning and decided to go on Habbo JP. To my surprise, Brown@ and kairi. were online. Then I decided to move my Habbo Furnitures to my new account which was "★R" :D

I really love how you can type stars and music signs into your username, even other stuff. How I wish Habbo SG allowed us to do.

Then kairi.'s friends came over and we having a chat session.

Oh! Have you seen my new wallpaper? It's awesome, thanks to kairi.'s friend, the girl in white.

Isn't my room so pretty now? :) Oh there's Brown@ by the side, with her Habbo Guide badge.

And here we have her in Singapore. Oh ya, I converted my East group to HABBORINGO.SG :)

We all headed to Habbo SG for the SG-JP eXchange event hosted by freedomkid called "Raining Furnitures", it was fun :)

Here we have everyone standing by the walls, waiting for the game to start.

Still waiting, and there's kazu.I talking :)

And finally it begins..

The Habbos from Habbo JP getting really excited.

I won eventually, stupid Tomatoho didn't win hehe.

Later, we went to the Theatredrome for the SG-JP eXchange event, something about getting to know the Habbo JP Community Manager, VIPER1977 better.

Here we have DoeLee strutting in like a real lady.

And here's VIPER1977! Konnichiwa!

And after a public announcement, Habbos started coming in like ants..

Try to spot .chi-i. in her new HC outfit. Oh! and Geraldine! and I.

What would a public event be like without the spammers..

And the interview begins!

Interesting to know how he speaks such good English :) Gambatte VIPER1977!

And then we had like an event where the "Best Ninja Outfit" and "Best Ninja Motto" wins a prize.

Yup, you guessed it! We decided to participate! :) But we didn't win anything.

Yay, I had so much fun!

God Bless Everyone! :D
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