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Thursday, March 27, 2008 • 9:58 PM

Well, cheers to a whole new blog just based on my walk on Habbo alone. So before I start blogging about anything, few thing's you need to know.

I am R, yes that's me.
Please drop nice comments on my tagboard.
If you wish for me to link you, I only link Habbo blogs :D

Okay lets begin this post with my trip to Habbo Japan (just in case anything happens to the one on HabboLitez, God forbid!)

Here's one of the first rooms I was introduced to, this belongs to kairi. Oh the person with the Habbo Guide badge (which is Habbo X in Japan) is .chi-i. and I kind of had the inspiration from kairi. to create a similar room to hers on Habbo SG. Quite unsuccessful though because I need about 11 more Area Screens.

miraism gave me this camera, quite happy when I received it. Later today, kairi. made me an entire room. Habbos from Japan are so nice :)

Photo given by kairi.

Oh and lastly, a message from miraism :)

God Bless Everyone! :D