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Saturday, April 5, 2008 • 12:04 AM

It's funny where I'm standing now.

No one would expect someone like me to become a Habbo X. I didn't expect it myself, but guess who's all grown up now? Hahaha.

Everyone was getting ready for the X Badging Ceremony in DoeLee's Basement. I guess everyone was excited yet nervous at the same time.

Security was really tight when the Habbo Xs arrived, notice the Habbos clustering at the extreme right?

Finally, all of us were up on stage :D

DoeLee reading the new Habbo X's usernames, not all usernames were mentioned in this screenshot though.

Congratulations to all new Habbo Xs!

I guess being a Habbo X is a totally different feeling from being an actual Habbo. A lot more responsibility now since everyone's eyes are on you. But I believe that mutual understanding between a Habbo X and a Habbo is important. So give me your fullest support ya? I'll do my best as a Habbo X to help everyone :)

God Bless Everyone! :D
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Thursday, April 3, 2008 • 12:28 AM

Just another typical day on Habbo SG.

Silence decides to trap Habbos in her presents, and decides to give them their species.

Later we decided to show off our 1337 diving skills at The Lido, see? :D

Oh and here's what we've all been waiting for, SkyzSun's secret confession:

*GASP!* Ignore the rest by the way.

God Bless Everyone! :D
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Monday, March 31, 2008 • 4:50 PM

For those of you who don't already know, Version 21 is here on Habbo SG. Together with a lot of weird functions like the "Event thingy" and smaller Volume Button and CFH Button. But what I like most is the Mood Light because it's quite funky.

Unfortunately, it costs a bomb here unlike Habbo UK which costs only 8 credits.

I was in Pretzel's room, bedtime~

Haha, I love the mood light :)

God Bless Everyone! :D

• 3:21 PM

Because Habbo SG was down, I went to visit Habbo JP again today. Went to my room to slack because I was rather bored. Awhile later, kairi. came and asked me whether I wanted a teleport in my room. I said, sure and then she dropped a Wardrobe Teleport. The other teleport leads to her new room, which she was creating.

The people in Habbo JP are so innovative because even the most useless of Furnitures are turned into something useful.

The end product, pretty ya?

God Bless Everyone! :D

Saturday, March 29, 2008 • 11:18 PM

Blogger hates me and won't me upload my photos in bulk so all my photos now are uploaded in Photobucket (starting with the second post by the way).

I used to come to the Rooftop Rumble very often because of the pool and the games. I remember on Habbo UK, I always wanted to play Wobble Squabble but I had no credits. Now on Habbo SG, I have the chance but I seldom play it because I lose half of the time and I don't like wasting my credits on tickets :(

Here we have -=HoT-FuDgE=- bullying all the noobs including me. I won her twice though, but I still feel sad.

Isn't it strange how Habbos don't hold their cups while walking? Magic! Woo!~

It's the SWIMSUIT edition! janlovesst, Integrated and ddsweetiepie. Hot babes and hunk!

I am not hot! I feel so sad, just kidding haha :)

God Bless Everyone! :D
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• 2:51 AM

Just finished helping Geraldine! create her Habbo Blogskin. Waiting for her to create her URL but I'm sure it'll be good, as in the blog. Soon, I can start my own Habbo Group of Habbo Bloggers! Muahahaha, and yes Jabb is joining us in becoming a Habbo Blogger too! YAY! :D

Oh and while cloning Geraldine! to take screenshots, she came into the room and soon after, Jabb too. And he decided to dress like her too so this is the result:

Habbo Steppers!

God Bless Everyone! :D

Friday, March 28, 2008 • 5:14 PM

I woke up early this morning and decided to go on Habbo JP. To my surprise, Brown@ and kairi. were online. Then I decided to move my Habbo Furnitures to my new account which was "★R" :D

I really love how you can type stars and music signs into your username, even other stuff. How I wish Habbo SG allowed us to do.

Then kairi.'s friends came over and we having a chat session.

Oh! Have you seen my new wallpaper? It's awesome, thanks to kairi.'s friend, the girl in white.

Isn't my room so pretty now? :) Oh there's Brown@ by the side, with her Habbo Guide badge.

And here we have her in Singapore. Oh ya, I converted my East group to HABBORINGO.SG :)

We all headed to Habbo SG for the SG-JP eXchange event hosted by freedomkid called "Raining Furnitures", it was fun :)

Here we have everyone standing by the walls, waiting for the game to start.

Still waiting, and there's kazu.I talking :)

And finally it begins..

The Habbos from Habbo JP getting really excited.

I won eventually, stupid Tomatoho didn't win hehe.

Later, we went to the Theatredrome for the SG-JP eXchange event, something about getting to know the Habbo JP Community Manager, VIPER1977 better.

Here we have DoeLee strutting in like a real lady.

And here's VIPER1977! Konnichiwa!

And after a public announcement, Habbos started coming in like ants..

Try to spot .chi-i. in her new HC outfit. Oh! and Geraldine! and I.

What would a public event be like without the spammers..

And the interview begins!

Interesting to know how he speaks such good English :) Gambatte VIPER1977!

And then we had like an event where the "Best Ninja Outfit" and "Best Ninja Motto" wins a prize.

Yup, you guessed it! We decided to participate! :) But we didn't win anything.

Yay, I had so much fun!

God Bless Everyone! :D
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